Industrial design of plate shearing machine in the 12th Five

       China, a big manufacturing country in the world, hopes to improve its innovation ability in the next five years and promote its economic development relying more on scientific and technological innovation. Now, the "12th Five-Year" design will be awesome to create new products with independent intellectual property rights. The state will give the shearing machine manufacturers a real policy and support. The basic premise of the international merger and acquisition of machine tool industry in China is more and more mature. At the same time, the enterprise's ability to pay for the internal and foreign exchange of the M & a project; the ability of the enterprise and industry level to identify and absorb the value of the target technology soft assets; the potential of further technology selection and the possibility of continuous development of products; In addition to being treated seriously by the owners of M & A, the more important step is to rely on the strength of the international professional team to evaluate the tangible and intangible assets of M & A tools, and to make a detailed and detailed analysis of the actual situation and hidden problems such as the operation status and expected benefits in recent years, debts, labor relations, legal affairs, taxation and environmental protection Review and evaluation. In the 12th Five Year Plan, we will announce the "high-quality education program, increase the investment in science and technology, and enhance the innovation ability of China's education team by the 12th Five Year Plan".
       The draft pointed out that we should eliminate backward production capacity, develop advanced equipment manufacturing industry, adjust and optimize the raw material industry, refresh and select consumer goods industry, and increase the "made in China" from big to strong. Work hard, open up and innovate, make new filial piety for the machine tool industry to speed up the organization adjustment, change the development style and style.
The draft said that it is necessary to increase the deep integration of emerging science and technology with emerging industries on the basis of severe technological breakthroughs and severe development needs, and build strategic emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing into leading and pillar industries on the basis of continuing to strengthen and expand high-tech industries. We will create a number of advanced manufacturing bases with international competitiveness, and develop a number of modern industrial clusters with distinctive professional characteristics, prominent brand image and complete effectiveness platform.
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The leakage of the draft shows that it is necessary to grasp the key technologies in the middle of the industry and accelerate the large-scale development of the industry as the goal, organize and implement a number of severe industrial innovation and development projects, and create a number of backbone enterprises and model bases of strategic emerging industries. We will set up industrialization platforms for new domestic trunk and regional aircraft, general-purpose aircraft and helicopters, and set up a space infrastructure framework composed of navigation, remote sensing, and communication satellites.
       While improving the content of science and technology, the draft also points out that we should focus on the automobile, steel, cement, machine manufacturing, electrolytic aluminum, rare earth, electronic information, medicine and other industries to promote the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises and improve the industrial concentration. Promote the establishment of independent brands and accelerate the development of large enterprises with international famous brands and intermediate competitiveness.
The 12th Five Year Plan of 2011 is the first year of innovation and green implementation, and it is also a year full of hope. Under the guidance of the economic work policy in 2010, Luo Baihui, head of the international mould, hardware and plastic industry supplier Association, revealed that the industry association will take technological innovation as a strategic measure to promote industrial upgrading, technological innovation as an important means to improve the level of industrialization, and the development of manufacturing technology effectiveness industry as the key to create new growth points We should be inclined to increase the independent innovation of enterprises, and actively guide the key backbone enterprises in the industry to play a leading role in technological improvement and industry development.

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