Bending machine: focus on the exact qualitative growth in th

      Overall, the bending machine manufacturing industry is a cyclical industry, which is greatly affected by the macro-economy. In the second half of the year, domestic and foreign demand are faced with certain uncertainty. In the third quarter, we have a neutral rating throughout the connected  industry.
      We recommend a qualitative growth sub industry in machinery industry, including railway equipment, nuclear power equipment, aerospace and military industry, etc.
       Railway equipment: there is still a large market space for high-speed railway after 2012. CSR (4.80, - 0.09, - 1.84%) and CNR (4.79, - 0.08, - 1.64%) are recommended.
      Nuclear electroforming Forgings: in the next 5-10 years, China first heavy industry Co., Ltd. (5.40, - 0.09, - 1.64%) and double heavy equipment (10.26, - 0.16, - 1.54%) are recommended.
Jiangsu Changzhou Huili numerical control equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces bending machine, numerical control bending machine, hydraulic bending machine, numerical control plate shearing machine, electro-hydraulic bending machine, digital display bending machine, etc,,,
In the short term, under the trend of investment growth decline, construction machinery sector is difficult to have overall opportunities.
       For the time being, the sales volume of domestic leading enterprises is still quite different from that of international giants, and there is still a lot of room for development; the valuation of construction machinery sector is close to the lowest point in history, and the dynamic P / E ratio less than 15 times cannot reflect the development of the industry, and the industry's temporary investment value is displayed.
      In the weak market, priority should be given to industries with certain growth in the future, and sub industries such as railway equipment, nuclear power equipment and aerospace military equipment are recommended. Recommend CSR, CNR, China first heavy and heavy load and other stocks with very certain growth in the next three years.
      Construction machinery: the expectation of investment decline makes it difficult to select the plate valuation, and it is difficult for the plate to have overall opportunities. The industry has made outstanding achievements in the second quarter, which may promote the market. It is suggested that Anhui Heli (11.50, - 0.63, - 5.19%) and Sany Heavy Industry (26.40,0.03,0.11%) should be concerned with relative growth.
Bending machine: in 10 years, the industry is still connected with higher prosperity, and the hot sales of small and medium-sized machine tools can start the selection of the overall gross profit rate of the industry. Recommend Jiangsu machine tool.

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