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Bending machine manufacturer bending machine failure reasons and measures

Bending machine manufacturer bending machine failure reasons and measures

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-18 16:03
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(Summary description)Main motor starting circuit failure, such as: not release the emergency stop button, cable wiring loose, 24V control power supply, etc.;

Bending machine manufacturer bending machine failure reasons and measures

(Summary description)Main motor starting circuit failure, such as: not release the emergency stop button, cable wiring loose, 24V control power supply, etc.;

  • Categories:solution
  • Time of issue:2021-02-18 16:03
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1. Main motor cannot start


1. Main motor starting circuit failure, such as: not release the emergency stop button, cable wiring loose, 24V control power supply, etc.;

2. The relevant components of the starting part of the main motor fail, such as: thermal relay, circuit breaker, AC contactor and other overload protection or damaged;

3. Power supply problem;


1. Check whether the starting circuit of the main motor has an emergency stop that is not released, the wiring is loose, and the 24V control power supply; 2. Check whether the components in the starting circuit of the main motor are overloaded

Protection, if necessary to analyze the reasons, check whether the components are damaged;

3. Check whether the three-phase power supply is normal;

2. The slider cannot move down quickly


1. Slider guide rail is too tight;

2. The rear stopper shaft is not in place;

3, the slider is no longer on the dead point position;

4. The pedal switch and other signals do not enter the module;

5. Proportional servo valve has failure;


1. Check whether the slider guide rail is suitable;

2. Check whether there is a cursor at the actual position of X on the system, or check whether the programmed value of the rear stopper shaft is consistent with the actual value in the manual interface;

3. The state of Y axis on the system should be "1". If it is "6", check the actual coordinate of Y axis, and the value should be less than the difference between Y axis and the return trip;

4, according to the electrical schematic diagram, check the pedal switch and other input signals are normal;

5. Check whether the proportional servo valve feedback is normal;

3. The slider can't be bent or the bending speed is slow


1. The slider does not reach the speed conversion point;

2. The bending parameters of Y axis of the system are not set well;

3, the pressure is not enough, such as: programming operation reason, machine tool parameter setting reason, hydraulic reason, etc.


1. Check whether the state of Y axis changes from "2" to "3", the actual value of Y axis should be greater than the value of the speed conversion point, if it is not necessary to adjust some fast-forward parameters;

2. Reset the bending parameters of Y axis;

3, check whether the reason is programming operation, parameter setting, or hydraulic reason; The signal of the main pressure and proportional pressure valve can be detected by means of pressure gauge, multimeter, etc.

Then check whether the proportional pressure valve and the main pressure reducing valve are stuck, then check the filter element and oil, and finally check the oil pump and its coupling;

4. Sometimes the slider can not return when bending


1, no load can not return, may be the parameter problem or hydraulic failure;

2, processing can not return, the workpiece Angle does not reach the set value;

3, processing can not return, the workpiece Angle has exceeded the set value;


1. Debugging the bending parameters of Y axis. The bending parameters should be debugged according to the actual situation

The slider is not jitter when the whole action, and the gain is as large as possible. Or in the diagnostic procedure, the left and right valve bias setting is not good, too small Y axis can not be in place, too large Y axis can not be unloaded; if

Is the hydraulic fault, the need to check the main pressure, check whether the PV valve S5 has been in the power position;

2. The parameter gain of Y-axis bending part may be set too small, which can be increased appropriately; Or the pressure is not enough, the analysis of the pressure is not enough reason, is the programming reason or signal, hydraulic part of the reason;

Programming reasons mainly include mold selection, plate thickness, material, workpiece length, bending mode, etc. Hydraulic reasons mainly include whether the oil pump leaks inside, whether the proportional pressure valve is polluted or damaged.

Whether the filter element is blocked, whether the oil has been polluted; 3, mainly for programming and operation reasons, check the program and processing of the workpiece.

5. Bad slider action


1, the slider guide rail is not suitable tightness;

2. Slider lock nut is loose;

3. Machine parameters need to be adjusted;

4. The gain and zero position of proportional servo valve amplifier need to be adjusted;

5. The back pressure valve pressure setting is incorrect or both sides are unbalanced. The back pressure setting is too small, the slider will slide slowly, and the work will shake; The back pressure is unbalanced on both sides, and the slider will twist when running.


1. Readjust the gap of guide rail;

2. Lock again. If the lock nut is too loose with the screw, it needs to be replaced;

3. If there is a reference curve, it should be adjusted according to the reference curve;

4, only BOSCH, REXROTH valve adjustable, but need to be careful;

5, use the pressure gauge to adjust the pressure of the back pressure valve, and make both sides consistent;

6. Sometimes the main motor stops automatically, thermal relay and circuit breaker protection


1. Proportional pressure valve and main pressure reducing valve are stuck, and the machine is always pressurized;

2, the filter is blocked, the oil is not smooth, the pump pressure is always high;

3, the use of oil for a long time, has been polluted;

4. poor quality oil;

5, circuit breaker, thermal relay problems, until the rated current can be operated;

6. The system controls the pressure output part of the fault, sends out the wrong signal, so that the proportional pressure valve always works;


1. Clean proportional pressure valve and main pressure reducing valve;

2. Replace the filter element and check the degree of oil pollution;

3. Replace the oil filter immediately;

4. Replace the recommended oil;

5. Replace circuit breaker and sell well;

6. Check the system output;

Any valve is stuck


1. The oil has been used for too long and has been contaminated;

2. Poor oil quality;

3. Whether the rubber skin of the oil inlet of the tank is aging;


1. Suggest customers to change oil on time;

2. Replace the recommended oil;

3. Replace oil-resistant rubber plates;

8. Cylinder sliding


1. Back pressure valve and lifting valve are dirty or damaged;

2, low back pressure;

3, Glyn ring tension and wear;

4, cylinder inner wall deformation;

5. If the slider stops at any position and slides slowly, the constant temperature drops less than 0.50 mm for 5 minutes, which is normal, this phenomenon is mainly due to the characteristics of hydraulic oil;


1. Clean the back pressure valve and lifting valve, and replace them if they are damaged;

2. Readjust the pressure of the back pressure valve according to the standard;

3. Replace the Glyd ring and examine the cause of damage and wear to the Glyn ring;

4, generally due to oil pollution, replace the cylinder, seal;

5. No treatment required;

9. When pressing the mold, the height of both sides is inconsistent


1. The back pressure on both sides is inconsistent, and the back pressure setting may be high;


1. Adjust the back pressure on both sides to the specified value and maintain the same;

10. Waiting time at the speed change point is too long when the slider is working forward


1. Oil inlet leakage in the oil tank;

2, filling valve failure, if the installation is not correct, the spool is stuck, or the spring tension is not enough;

3. Incorrect setting of Y axis working parameters;


1. Check the seal of the rubber plate, and reinstall the cover plate here;

2. Check the installation of the filling valve, check the movement of the valve core and check the spring tension;

3. Adjust Y-axis working parameters;

11. The length of the workpiece changes too much when bending.


1. The inertial parameters of the machine are not set properly;

2. Materials for processing boards;


1. Readjust the inertia parameters of the machine;

2. Check the material of the circuit board;

12. When the workpiece has multiple bends, the error of the cumulative error is too large


1. There are many bending of the workpiece, resulting in large cumulative error;

The bending order is not reasonable;


1. Fine tune the accuracy of each bend so that the Angle is as negative as possible and the dimension is as accurate as possible;

2. If possible, adjust the bending sequence;

13. The system automatically calculates that the pressure is greater than the mold impedance;


It is not reasonable to choose the lower module during programming;

2. Improper impedance setting of the mold;

3. Incorrect bending method during programming;

4. Modify machine constant parameters, such as material parameters, unit selection and other parameters;


1. The mould should be selected according to the relationship between the thickness of the plate and the opening of the lower mould;

2. Correct setting of mold impedance;

3. Check the program of programming;

4. Check machine tool constant parameters;

14. When programming large radian bending, the system calculation is slow or dead;

Bending machine factory home inspection reasons

1. The X value set during programming exceeds the maximum value of X axis in the parameter;


1. Check the program of programming;

15. Too high oil temperature


1. Hydraulic fault, such as filter blockage, oil pollution, deterioration, etc.;

2. Long-term high-pressure work;


1. Check the filter element and oil, and replace it if necessary;

2. Check the reason for long-term high-pressure work, whether it is practical need or other reasons;

16. Angle of workpiece not allowed to be machined


1. If the error is very large, it may be programming error, loose slider connection, scale error, etc.;

2. Minor errors usually occur that can be corrected on the system. This is normal if the operation is stable after correction;

3. The Angle is unstable and often changes, which may be related to the loose connection of the slider, defects of the grating ruler, materials, etc.;


1. Check the operation procedures, focusing on whether the mold, material, thickness, workpiece length, bending mode are consistent with the actual operation, whether the slider connection is loose, and the grating ruler

Whether the connection is secure;

2. There are slight errors under normal circumstances, which may be caused by a variety of reasons, such as: error between the thickness of programming material and the actual thickness; Uniformity of material, wear of die, operation

And so on. ;

3. Check the repeated positioning accuracy of Y axis, and check whether the slider connection and the grating ruler connection are normal. If it is normal, it may be related to materials;

17. Size of workpiece is not allowed to be machined


1. Dimensions are unstable and often changing, which may be related to machine tool power supply, servo drivers, servo motor encoders and related cables, systems, screw mechanical connections, synchronous belts (wheels) and other factors

The relevant;

2, size deviation, but stable, more and back beam parallelism, straightness, finger parallelism, perpendicularity;

3. When using bent edge positioning, bending Angle is greater than 90°, so the size is small;

Bending machine factory inspection operation

1. Check the repeated positioning accuracy of the back shaft, which is generally less than 0.02mm. If the difference is large, check the possible factors one by one, such as servo drives, servo encoders,

Caused by the system, etc., and preferably handled by the manufacturer;

2. First check the parallelism and straightness of the beam, and then check the parallelism and perpendicularity of the finger;

3. If using curved edge positioning, try to make the bending less than 90°;

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