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What are the characteristics of CNC bending machine?

The first refueling CNC bending machine is the same as the ordinary bending machine. It is best to use a small bucket of 20L hydraulic oil and a large bucket of 170L anti-wear hydraulic oil. Select the grade according to the machine manufacturer's recommendation. Barrels are light, and large ones need tools.

How to choose the right bending machine system

With the development trend of bending machine in recent years, there are a variety of systems on the market at present. So how do you choose a system that has everything in it? That's a problem for many customers. In fact, it would be much easier to follow these estimates.

Intelligent bending machine is really turned on and off so simple operation?

Nowadays, bending machine conforms to the trend of change, to the development trend of intelligent system. Intelligent system bending machine to give you a convenient, but if there is a mistake in the standard of the actual operation, will produce very great harm to the bending machine. The following net for everyone to introduce how to correct the standard of the actual operation of the bending machine?

How to choose the right bending machine

In the purchase of bending machine once the choice is improper, the cost of production will climb, the bending machine can not be expected to recover the cost. There are, therefore, several factors that need to be taken into account when deciding on the plan.

CNC bending machine commonly used three types of structure

CNC bending machine is generally the use of all steel welding structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity. Hydraulic up drive, both ends of the cylinder arranged on the slider, direct drive sliding work. Slider synchronization mechanism adopts torsional shaft to force synchronization. Adopt mechanical block structure, stable and reliable. Slider stroke motor quick adjustment, manual fine tuning, counter display. Skew wedge deflection compensation mechanism to ensure higher bending accuracy. CNC bending machine commonly used three types of structure as follows:

Fully understand the flexible application of NC bending machine processing program and data

In the numerical control bending machine, the problem to be solved is how to reduce the preparation time before the actual processing, especially in the need for repeated processing of the product preparation time. The first processing, the need to confirm the drawings, CNC bending machine while considering the processing of grinding tools and workpiece bending order, program input and other aspects of the link. Before the actual processing, to the bending process, mold and other information into a comprehensive consideration.
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