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Riveting Machine - Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Servo precision levelers are specifically designed for higher leveling operations. Such as the XL-EPM servo precision leveling machine produced by Xuelong. The leveling rolls are optimally supported with a small spacing between each other.


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Product Description

LX-618A hydraulic riveting machine

Main configuration

Hydraulic cylinder LESHARE 6 tons
Hand pressing device LESHARE
Low-voltage electrical appliances Schneider
PLC Siemens
Automatic feeding Optional

Technical parameters

C-type throat depth 460MM
C-type throat height 380MM
Very reciprocating trip 200MM
Lower speed of upper die 80MM/sec
Nominal pressure Stepless adjustable within 56KN
compress time Within 1 minute
Equipment load repeatability +/-1%
Form factor 2050*1100*950
Input power/voltage 3 phase 380V
Set Fen gross weight 530KG

Distribution list

Tool description 1
screwdriver 4
Allen wrench 10 pieces
Infrared positioning device 1 set
Anti-pressure hand device 1 set
Pressure riveting mold Nut: M3 M4 MS M6 M8 (one for each)
Screw: M3 M4 MS M6 M8 (one for each)
Nut post: M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 (one for each)
Flat mold: large flat mold, straight barrel, flat, large, flat mold short ( Each one>



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