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VKBG Vertical Hydraulic V-Cutting

Servo precision levelers are specifically designed for higher leveling operations. Such as the XL-EPM servo precision leveling machine produced by Xuelong. The leveling rolls are optimally supported with a small spacing between each other.


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Product Description

1. VKBS planer machine frame and beam are designed by frame structure. The work surface is made of 50mm low-alloy high-strength structural steel. The frame is made of 20mm Q235 steel plate. The overall rigidity of the machine is good and durable.

2. Strictly in accordance with the machine tool processing technology, using electric furnace tempering, eliminating welding stress and reducing equipment deformation.

3. It is excellent in the coating effect by blasting.

4. The processing parts of VKBS planing machine are fixed by hydraulic clamping system, which has high slotting speed and ensures strong clamping. The hydraulic system adds accumulator compensation, motor clearance work, saves energy and controls oil temperature.

5. The VKBS router uses three knives to machine the “V” groove, so the cutting amount is evenly distributed and the deformation of the workpiece is reduced. And optional micro-cooling system to extend the life of the tool and reduce production costs.

6. The beam of VKBS router is made of tin bronze helical gear, 45 steel forging and tempered helical rack and QH mute guide. The moving speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the cutting process is stable and efficient.

7. The tool carrier transfer device of the VKBS router uses the SFSR silent ball screw and the QR roller heavy-duty linear guide, so the precision is high.

8. VKBS router can be processed both vertically and horizontally, and has a process to realize the front and back processing functions of the board.

9. Use this router to complete with only the input keyboard and machining program. Depending on the operator and material, the knob can be used to adjust the machining speed for easy operation by the operator.

10. The display can be used to understand the process conditions in the process.

11. Use servo motor and sensor to ensure the safety of the operator.

12. When an abnormality occurs in the device, an alarm message appears on the display for easy maintenance.

13. When using this router, only labor is required when the workpiece is placed and taken out, so labor can be saved.

14.VKBS planing machine table has self-repair function. During the use process, customers can self-plan the table according to their own requirements to ensure the machining accuracy.

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