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XLVEM-TURBO High Speed Slitting And Dividing Line

Servo precision levelers are specifically designed for higher leveling operations. Such as the XL-EPM servo precision leveling machine produced by Xuelong. The leveling rolls are optimally supported with a small spacing between each other.

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Product Description

The unit cuts the standard width steel coil into a certain size strip along the length direction and rolls it into a steel reel. As a raw material for rolling, welded pipe, cold forming, stamping and other processes, the tool can be replaced with different materials. Cut all kinds of non-ferrous metal strips.

The standard configuration consists of: loading trolley, unwinding machine, feeder, pre-calibration machine, storage bin, limit device, slitting line, edge wire winding machine, pressure dividing device, damping device, winding machine, discharging trolley It consists of hydraulic system and electrical control system. The electrical uses imported PLC program controller and touch screen for full-line function control. The main motor of the slitter main motor and the winder adopts DC motor, and the DC controller adopts the products of British Euroco. It has the characteristics of high automation, high shear precision, stable and reliable nature, convenient operation and maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Model XLVEM0.2-1.8x500 XLVEM03-2.0x 125006001 XLVEM 1.0-6.0x1600 XLVEM3.0-12.0x800
Coil material δ s<230N/mm2.Cold-rolled Coil,Stainless Steel Coil.Galvanized Coil
Thickness 0.2-1.8mm 0.3-2.0mm 1.0-6.0mm 3.0-12.0mm
Width 100-500mm 800-1250mm(1600mm) 800-1600mm 1000-2000mm
Coil weight ≤5T ≤20T(25T) ≤25T ≤30T
Steel volumes φ508mm φ508mm φ508mm. φ610mmφ760mm φ508mm. φ610mmφ760mm
Steel coil foreign economic ≤φ1600mm ≤φ2000mm ≤φ2000mm ≤φ2000mm
Slitting width ≥ 25mm ≥ 30mm ≥50mm ≥80mm
Fractal rules 5-15 8-20 5-15 4-15
Article points accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.15mm ± 0.25mm ± 0.3mm
Linear velocity 0-80m/min 0-150m/min 0-60m/min 0-30m/min
Control system PLC Automatic control PLC Automatic control PLC Automatic control PLC Automatic control
Power supply 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50Hz 380V50HZ

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