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Rivet Machine

Servo precision levelers are specifically designed for higher leveling operations. Such as the XL-EPM servo precision leveling machine produced by Xuelong. The leveling rolls are optimally supported with a small spacing between each other.


keyword:Servo precision leveling | Deburring machine

Product Description

Main configuration

Gas-liquid booster cylinder LESHARE 10 tons
Anti-pressure hand device LESHARE
Pneumatic Components SMC
Low-voltage electrical appliances Schneider
PLC Siemens
Pressure Sensor Ifm IFM
model LX-CEC10A
Up and down reciprocating stroke 100mm
Force stroke 8mm
Intake air source 3bar-6bar
input power 220v
usage frequency 1 second/time
Pressure output range 0-10 tons steplessly adjustable
C-type throat height 400mm
C-type throat depth 500mm
Frame thickness 130mm


Rivet Machine

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