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Servo precision levelers are specifically designed for higher leveling operations. Such as the XL-EPM servo precision leveling machine produced by Xuelong. The leveling rolls are optimally supported with a small spacing between each other.

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Product Description


The working principle of 800RRD series: This equipment is a through-type processing equipment. The slag particles, large flanging and other large burrs on the surface of the workpiece are removed by two sets of wide sanding belt mechanisms, and then a set of disk brush combination, universal disk brush High-speed rotation to remove burrs on the edges and inner holes of the workpiece and produce a uniform R angle (the R angle can be achieved by choosing different processes and abrasive belts). At the same time, the abrasive belt station and the disc brush station can also operate independently : The independent operation of the abrasive belt station can realize the processing of wire drawing, polishing, descaling, and slag removal on the surface of the metal sheet; the independent operation of the disk brush can realize 360-degree deburring without dead ends. This equipment adopts wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant conveyor belt to convey the workpiece, frequency conversion speed regulation, and magnet adsorption device on the conveying platform. Equipped with a 3KW wet vacuum cleaner, which can suck most of the dust when the host is working.

Suitable blanking process: laser cutting, plasma, flame, NCT blanking, die stamping, shear cold processing.

Suitable plates: stainless steel, aluminum plate, cold plate, carbon steel, coated workpiece, galvanized plate.

Basic parameters

Equipment processing width options: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm, 1600mm

Maximum processing width: 800

Processing thickness: 0.5-100mm

Minimum processing size: 20*20 (conductive magnetic attraction)

Feeding speed: 0.5-10/min

Abrasive belt size: 1900x820 mm

Disk brush size: ①160 x60mm

Chamfering range: R0.1~0.3

Work surface: 900-980mm

Power: 26KW

Weight: 3T

Machine size: 2500mm* 1450mm*2100mm

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