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XDP-RTT series

Servo precision levelers are specifically designed for higher leveling operations. Such as the XL-EPM servo precision leveling machine produced by Xuelong. The leveling rolls are optimally supported with a small spacing between each other.

keyword:Servo precision leveling | Deburring machine

Product Description


800RTT series working principle: This equipment is a through-type processing equipment, through-group wide abrasive belt and two polishing wheels, through-type processing, will not damage the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. The abrasive belt station realizes the processing of wire drawing, polishing, descaling, and burrs on the surface of the metal sheet; two polishing wheels refine the surface silk pattern of the sheet to realize the long straight silk pattern on the surface of the workpiece. This equipment adopts high temperature resistant vacuum adsorption conveyor belt to convey the workpiece, frequency conversion speed regulation.

Suitable blanking process: laser cutting, plasma, flame, NCT blanking, die stamping, shear cold processing.

Suitable plates: stainless steel, aluminum plate, cold plate, carbon steel, coated workpiece, galvanized plate.

Basic parameters

Equipment processing width options: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm, 1600mm

Processing thickness: 0.5-100mm (workpiece deformation is less than 1mm)

Feeding speed: 1- 10m/min

Brush size: φ160 x 60mm

Work surface: 900-980mm

Weight: 3T

Maximum processing width: 800

Minimum processing size: 30*30 (vacuum adsorption)

Belt size: 1900 x 820 mm

Brushed lines: snowflake short wire & long straight wire

Power: 27KW

Machine size: 2500mm*1450mm*2 100mm

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